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Outwitting Sabor

Book: Tarzan of the Apes

Posted by: Andrea Kalfas

At last came she who Tarzan sought, with lithe sinews rolling beneath shimmering hide; fat and glossy came Sabor, the lioness…Nearer and nearer she came to where Tarzan of the Apes crouched upon his limb, the coils of his long rope poised ready in his hand.

Like a thing of bronze, motionless as death, sat Tarzan.  Sabor passed beneath.

Tarzan at this point is passing his adoptive family in craftiness.  He weaves a rope out of jungle vines and learns how to lasso his ape friends and soon learns he can also use it as a weapon.  He’s discovered the cabin on the beach where he was born, and without any idea as to his origins, has been visiting it whenever he can.  In a picture book he sees images of young English men and of apes and is discovering more and more differences between himself and his family.  He even teaches himself to read by deciphering the “little bugs” on the pages.

Tarzan starts hunting Sabor not just because she’s the enemy of his tribe, but because he wants to establish himself as the mightiest hunter, AND he wants clothes.

So I’m a little out of order here.  At a certain point I just felt like I’d been looking too long at the last Tarzan piece, and it was getting weird…but it will be finished and be up!  For now though, I thought I’d just move on and stay on schedule too!  Hope you like it!

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