“Sorry, Ma’am”

November 19, 2010 at 10:34 am 1 comment

“That window glass was so spick and span I com-pletely forgot it was there.”

Hi there!  My last post dealt with McMurphy’s internal struggle.  I think he had to ask himself if he would continue to be himself and the leader of the ward or submit to the institution’s rules and hope to be released one day.   Today’s post is sort of an answer to the question.

McMurphy is pushed over the edge when Nurse Ratched takes away the patients privilege to use the tub room as a place for them to play their card games.  She says taking away this privilege is in response to their disorderly behavior long ago, when they joined McMurphy in front of the blank television screen.   Nurse Ratched looks around the room asking if anybody has a problem with this decision and she returns to the nurse’s station.  McMurphy quietly gets up and heads turn.  He walks over to the nurse’s station and throws his fist through the glass window.  He picks up a pack of cigarettes that are lying on the other side of the shattered window and looks at Nurse Ratched who is terrified and brushing glass off her shoulders…

“I’m sure sorry, ma’am,” he said.  “Gawd but I am.  That window glass was so spick and span I com-pletely forgot it was there.”

It took just a couple of seconds.  He turned and left her sitting there with her face shifting and jerking and walked back across the day room  to his chair, lighting up a cigarette.

Sorry I couldn’t provide a more elaborate drawing for today but I wanted to post something since I missed last month’s post.  Mucho thanks for reading!

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Jane The Giver, Chapters 9 and 10

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  • 1. KATRINA  |  April 10, 2012 at 10:21 am

    this picture is so ugly


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